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The mission of the Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine is to empower students with the knowledge and tools for personal healing, professional development and educating at all five levels of consciousness/existence. We teach our students the art of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Life Coaching, Wellness Training and Nutritional Counseling to embark upon a journey that will begin in their spirit, transcend to their minds and emotions to then impact their bodies for positive healing, growth and developmental experiences. Once this personal experience has ensued, we teach students to utilize their training and to share their knowledge and expertise with others who are seeking another way to feel balanced, healthy, happy and free. We begin with one’s self actualization and extends beyond oneself to positively enhance the lives of others.

The unique proposal of FICAM is:

1. To integrate the proven and effective modalities of science, conventional and alternative therapies, spirituality, coaching and nutrition to provide a comprehensive model for healing and personal growth in each of the five levels of human consciousness – spirit, mind, emotion, body/unconscious mind, and interpersonal. To support and enhance individuals to heal, learn, grow, develop and maintain a healthy, fit, happy and meaningful life by addressing the holistic nature of a person and their relationships in the world.

2. To utilize our integrated model to be a source of empowering innovations in illness prevention, wellness education, coaching productivity, nutrition and creativity. To help correct the symptoms of child and adult inattentiveness, frustration, unhappiness, distress, anxiety, confusion and co-dependence, without unwarranted mediations or intrusive medical procedures using alternative therapy, coaching, wellness training and nutritional counseling to optimize wellbeing.

3. To fill the void for internships and supervision in this growing field, while raising the standard and effectiveness of C.A.M. practitioners to better serve the interest of the public. 4. To research and help develop the fields of alternative medicine, coaching, education and wellness. To play an increasing role in enhancing the health and individual responsibility of our citizens to take control of their health-related decision making through prevention, and not be the victims of a sick-care oriented, pharmaceutically and insurance company dominated healthcare system. Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine was founded on the belief that personal success and self-improvement can be achieved through interaction between students, faculty, staff, and mentors. To this end, leading professionals from the fields of alternative medicine, coaching, wellness and nutrition to partake in the growth and development of the training and supervision of FICAM students and graduates.

Wellness Event

This Thursday, December 6, 2012, at the Fulton Holland Educational Services Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Wellness Promotion Task Force will be hosting a “Wellness Celebration” to thank and recognize individuals, staff members and community organizations for their contributions to the School District of Palm Beach County’s wellness efforts, where Brian Sheen will be the Keynote Speaker. Click here to read more.


Returning People To Their Inner Happiness

Brian was interviewed by Delray Beach’s The Pineapple, in an article titled “Returning People to Their Inner Happiness”. Click here to read more.

Brian Sheen
"Today we stand on the precipice of a new frontier in healthcare.  The existing paradigm of conventional medicine has not met our need to prevent illness and maintain our health.  It’s time we recognize that we are more than a clump of interacting chemicals but a spiritual being having a human experience."
Quantum Healing & Empowerment Center

The Quantum Healing and Empowerment Center, located in downtown Delray Beach, FL, provides a nurturing space for individuals seeking something more than to be medicated or operated on, as a means to teach people the power they were created with, to get to the cause of their illness or imbalance.