The Mission of FICAM

The mission of Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine is to empower students with the knowledge and tools for personal healing at all five levels of consciousness/existence. We teach our students the art of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (C.A.M.) to embark upon a journey that will begin in their spirit, transcend to their minds and emotions to then impact their bodies for positive healing experiences. Once this personal experience has ensued, we teach students to utilize their training and to share their knowledge and expertise with others who are seeking another way to feel balanced, healthy, happy and free. Complementary and Alternative Medicine begins with one’s self-actualization and extends beyond oneself to positively enhance the lives of others.

The Complementary and Alternative Medicine (C.A.M.) Associates Practitioner Program

This program has been crafted to share diverse modalities of complementary and alternative methods of healing to be used in separately or in conjunction with traditional medical treatment to expedite the return to health and well being, reduce the need of mind altering medications or pain reducing pharmaceuticals while minimizing invasive medical procedures. FICAM integrates new solutions for personal, spiritual, mental and emotional growth and balance while enhancing human relationships to promote optimal health and well being for humanity.

Self discovery is the process of understanding the interactions between your thoughts, experiences, emotions, body and spirit. By exploring your conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds and their interactions through the various processes we call, Quantum Embodiment (c) which includes meditation, Formative and Quantum Psychology, regressions, NLP, A Course in Miracles, transpersonal hypnotherapy, Bioenergetics, psychoneuroimmunology, etc). It is this integrated approach we use that helps one dissolve the negative effects of trauma, pain, loss, failure upset, overwhelm, and improper education that causes one present stress, limitation, illness or problems.
Through the C.A.M. processes you experience in this program, you will develop higher levels of awareness that release negative mental and emotional identifications and/or misprogrammings. This new awareness will enable you to help yourself and others be empowered and present while following their heart directed purpose for living an extraordinary life..

There are gradient steps on the path of raising your consciousness that lead you to higher levels of realizing your innate abilities. Each step provides increased satisfaction, fulfillment and delight of life on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Yet each step also provides a new perspective of one’s life that heretofore was unrecognized. Inner consciousness (also known as the unconscious mind) and Super consciousness (spiritual/divine consciousness) unfold as you reach deeper and more expansive states in your meditation practice and self discovery processes. Enhanced intuition, expanded mental capacity, divine connections, greater physical health and well being as well as increased abilities of living, more joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in all aspects of your life are the benefits as you rise to higher levels on this path to freedom.

The body, mind, intellect, ego, emotions and spiritual Self are interconnected through a complex energy system of resonant fields of consciousness and energy. They are connected by contrasting energies of mental, emotional, physiological and spiritual energies that hold the personal history of your life and like a programmed computer dictate the thinking, emotions, and physical efforts you are impulsed to undertake. It is by your accessing these impulses and memories through the different processes used that allow programmed influences to be modified, corrected, or deleted to obtain more optimum mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Our CAM training program facilitates this self discovery process so that graduates of this program can continue the practice of C.A.M. and as Practitioners, help others undergo the process of self-discovery and freedom from mental, emotional and biological addictions, emotional imbalances, unproductive behaviors and psychosomatic based illness, and self defeating habits.

Becoming a Professional Practitioner of Complementary and Alternative Medicine will provides you training in:
  • Bioenergetics
  • Quantum Psychology
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Neurolingustic programming (NLP)
  • Formative Psychology and Embodiment
  • Holotropic Breath work
  • Choice Theory
  • Clear Mind Open Heart Meditation
  • Using A Course in Miracles Therapeutically
  • Past Life Regression
  • Inner Child Rescue
  • 7 Keys For Attention Development and Emotional Wellness
  • Developing Effective CAM Protocols

What can a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioner Program student expect?

The C.A.M. Practitioner Program is a two-year online certification program.It begin with doing the 7 Keys For Attention Development online,program. Trainees are expected to complete eighty four week of online training, assigned reading materials, interactive weekend workshops and designated practicums to have experienced the growth and benefits of the program in their own life and be capable to help others improve the conditions in their life

FICAM’s unique approach to education is designed to fit your schedule so that you determine when to study and when to submit assignments.

Upon successful demonstration of competency in all required courses for the program, students will be issued two diplomas. FICAM graduates earning a certification as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioner and 7 Keys For Attention Development and Emotional Wellness Trainer.

Graduates of this program will be able to have access to the 7 Keys For Attention Development and Emotional Wellness Online program that allows them to use this for all their clients.

For those who don[t want to become a CAM practitioner we also have a….

7 Keys For Attention Development and Emotional Wellness Educator Training Programfro non-professionals

This program is designed to provide training in Complementary and Alternative Medicine therapies specifically tailored for helping children and adults live an empowered and emotional intelligent existence as their Lifecoach.

This program enable individuals to help any person in whatever state they find them to learn the tools and strategies needed to live a focused, peaceful and empowered life. You will be able to help others deal with their work,relationships, emotional and mental states to guide them and provide accountability to ensure they maintain the improvements you have helped them obtain.

Graduates of this program will be able to have access to the 7 Keys For Attention Development and Emotional Wellness Online program that allows them to use this for all their clients.

These programs help individuals from all walks of life who are over-stressd, uncertain about their future, unable to create good relationships and those diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, bi-polarity and/or depression to become proficient to access their inner pharmacy and keep themselves in an empowered emotional state. Adults and children are taught how to focus and how to relax. The program teaches the trainee how to impart this knowledge, teach relaxation techniques to individuals and their families, create parent/child and partner re-connections, facilitate ability development for better relations, develop success strategies, and help make connecting choices.

Upon successful demonstration of competency in all required courses for the program, students will be issued a 7 Keys For Attention Development and Emotional Wellness Trainer certification

Although FICAM helps people of all conditions we have a strong conviction that psychotropic drugs such as anti-depressants, Ritalin, Adderal, Klonopin or other addictive and toxic medications used for treatment of ADD/ADHD, social anxiety disorder, Bi-polar or OCD symptoms are not a viable approach. These drugs only treat the symptoms of the person and never address their causes.Of course we are not medical doctors and do not insist any student or client get off their medications, but we do strongly suggest they have an in-depth conversation with their prescribing physician to discuss alternatives and guidance to ween off of their medications if they so desire.

Scientific research has demonstrated how psychotropic medications weaken the nervous system and cause brain damage as well as being addictive and toxic. Most importantly according to research by the renown group the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology (ICSPP) these “illnesses” are nothing but labels for human emotional states and imbalances which have spawned a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical/medical industrial complex. Their findings and the scientific findings of many others have demonstrated there is no scientific evidence that any of these “illnesses” are caused by chemical imbalance. They are all just a hypothesis! The Clearminded Educator Training Program uses C.A.M. techniques to help children and adults wean off their psychotropic medications in conjunction with their prescribing physician, to then address the individual symptoms, identifying them and then eradicating their underlying causes.

Excerpts from “Debate Over Drugs For ADHD Reignites; Long-Term Benefit For Children at Issue” by Shankar Vedantam (Washington Post, 3/27/09):

  • New data from a large federal study have reignited a debate over the effectiveness of long-term drug treatment of children with hyperactivity or attention-deficit disorder, and have drawn accusations that some members of the research team have sought to play down evidence that medications do little good beyond 24 months.
  • The study also indicated that long-term use of the drugs can stunt children’s growth.
  • A yet-to-be-published study found that 95% of parents who were told by clinicians to first try behavioral interventions for ADHD did so. When parents were given a prescription for a drug and then told to enroll their children in behavioral intervention programs, 75% did not seek out the behavioral approaches.

From the DEA:

  • ADD/ADHD medications (Ritalin, etc.) are the #1 gateway drugs to drug addiction.
  • Adolescents often sell their drugs and/or crush them to snort the powder like cocaine.

From the National Institute of Health:

  • Children prescribed stimulants for ADHD still have a higher level of some behavior problems

From the American Medical Association publication “The Archives of General Psychiatry:

  • Ritalin and cocaine have almost identical effects on the brain and impact in a similar fashion the biochemical processes in the same regions of the brain and produce a similar high. The main difference is that Ritalin has a longer lasting effect.