Choosing Pain and Betrayal-Part 1-Trish

This blog is a case study reveals of many of the underlying principles of what FICAM teaches and how it is used private sessions. This approach has helped many clients move out of “poor me” victim consciousness into a state of peaceful and empowered consciousness itself. It also shows important sequences about how to effectively use forgiveness in a therapeutic way that takes one beyond declaring “I forgive you, I forgive myself”. Forgiveness without correction of the underlying beliefs which were the source of the decisions made is an empty gesture. MOST forgiveness is an ego directed attempt to feel superior over the person being pardoned!

Trish knocked hard on the door in desperation. When I opened it I saw her normally strong athletic form knotted up and as flimsy as a wet noodle. Her eyes were vacant as if she had been drained of her blood by a vampire. I was to learn this perception wasn’t far from the truth!

“I am miserable! I can’t sleep, can’t eat and I feel so depressed” she cried as she plopped herself down on the couch. “I really hate this guy for what he’s done to me; lying, cheating, putting me in debt and using the money I lent him for hookers He betrayed me that bastard. How can anybody do that to someone they say they love? ”

Trish had experienced what all to many have in their lives, betrayal, feeling like a victim. It was a rude awakening from the fantasies she had concocted in her mind of finally finding the man of her dreams. What Trish had forgotten, and most everyone does forget, is that when you believe your wishes, dreams and desires are about to fulfilled you go into the trance of feeling happy, special and loving! Wish fulfillment is the essence of the egos drive to get what it believes will finally make it happy and special.

A Course in Miracles shares it this way:

“Everyone seeks what will bring him joy as he defines it.” ACIM Ch 25 –IV Your power of decision is the determiner of every situation in which you find yourself in by chance or accident. When you feel you are lacking something; happiness, love or success, you imagine what it is you need to get based on what you believe you are missing. This inner picture of being incomplete and lacking becomes your inner guide for how you will look at and experience life. From this state of awareness you begin to imagine what you need to get to avoid the pain you are experiencing coming from your beliefs you are unloved, unworthy or inadequate. Now you form a picture of finding someone to love you, make you happy and fill in the hole you have decided you have inside to you. This is what a “special relationship” is all about, finding a substitute for your denial of your truth as being love and being worthy because you were created by God/Life/Existence. As your choices are based on your denial of your divine beingness and creation, you naturally betray the gifts you were given as you attach yourself to the egoic beliefs you need something outside you to complete you!

It is not until these principles are understood AND put into practice that healing and empowerment can return. This is why we use so many tools to uncover the underlying nature of how a persons mind has been constructed to understand what needs to be done to have it built on truth not false perceptions stemming form unresolved issues from childhood that still direct your thinking and choices today!

As I will share in part 2 of this 3 part blog on Trish. She made some startling revelations as to why she really felt the way she did and why she kept choosing these types of relationships over and over again.

FICAM’s training uses hypnosis, regressions and Quantum Psychology to face, embrace, trace the causes of the anxiety, depression, anger and need for special relationship to uproot the seeds of suffering to replace them with the peace of truth. What is so amazing about this work is, when the roots of the underlying patterns of wrong minded thinking and decision making are pulled, the pattern disappear and new possibilities naturally flow as if the damn holding back the peace and joy has been demolished.