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New Life Expo at Broward County Convention Center October 14 and 15 2017
LECTURE TITLE: Mastering Your Emotional Wellness; Eliminating Medications

Lecture description and biography:
What if you could learn how to greatly accelerate your healing, reduce medication dependency, restore emotional wellness and empowerment while extending your life expectancy by learning how to control your body’s bio-chemistry! Brian Sheen’s scientifically proven Key Prescription Protocols help you to rewire your brain, refocus your mind and enhance the health of your body for greater emotional and physical wellness. Brian is a best selling researcher, author and founding member of wellness and prevention commissions formed by the Center for Disease Control.

Workshop Title

Mastering Your Inner Pharmacy, Controlling Your Health and Wellbeing

Learn the basics of the The Master Inner Pharmacist training program to accelerate your healing, reduce medication dependency, restore emotional wellness and empowerment while extending your life expectancy by learning how to control your body’s bio-chemistry. Dr. Brian Sheen’s evidence based Key Prescriptions teach you how to rewire your brain, and control your endocrine system while restoring your nervous and cardiovascular systems. Your health thrives as you feel happier and more confident while having the tools to maintain empowering states of being.

Attendees also learn how to use this approach with clients to use an exclsive interactive online wellness program to build an start or expand a life and wellness coaching business that could produce of additional weekly income.

November 5 and 7 2017

Virginia Beach,Virginia

One hour lecture

Are you aware what prescriptions you are sending your inner pharmacy right now?

What if you could learn how to accelerate the healing of any unwanted mental, physical or emotion condition to feel good again, 30 to 90% faster for yourself and your clients?
How would you like to learn how to reduce or eliminate your dependency on blood pressure, anti-anxiety, antidepressant, ADHD and other medications?

Would it be very beneficial if you knew how to experience greater emotional intelligence to have more meaningful and harmonious relationships

Come listen to the foundation of research Brian Sheen discuss his evidence based Key Prescriptions which has consistently demonstrated how their tools and strategies help individuals achieve these amazing results.

2 ½ Hour workshop November 7th,2017

Learn the basics of the The Master Inner Pharmacist training program to accelerate your healing, reduce medication dependency, prevent future illnesses and extend your life expectancy while greatly improving your relationships by learning to access and control your inner pharmacy through using Brian Sheen’s evidence based Key Prescriptions to rewire your brain while enhancing the health of your cells and molecules of emotion for greater emotional and physical wellness.

Also learn how to use this approach to connect with clients to use an exclusive app and interactive online wellness program to build an online life and wellness coaching business that could produce $1000 of additional income per week.

Costa Rica Novemebr 9 through 16,2017

Access Your Inner Pharmac Accelerate Healing,Prevent Illness and Extend Life Expectancy
Costa Rica Retreat Week -Immersion to Create a Healthier Life
Join us for a week-long retreat in Costa Rica where we will work with you to determine if you have choices beyond medications
and the accompanying side-effects they produce.

Learn Scientifically Proven Methods to Access your Inner Pharmacy and Find Relief from ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety
while helping you lessen (or eliminate) taking blood pressure, sleep and psychotropic medications.
Meditation and mindfulness
Body work
Holotropic breath work
…and more!

Join us on the Beautiful Pacific Coast of Costa Rica this November and take the opportunity to have a break from the stresses of daily life while you learn actionable tools to better cope with the intense pace of modern living. Return home after your time with us with tools that will improve many aspects of your health in measurable ways.

Dr. Brian Sheen presents in an easy to understand format to teach you that there is a way to shake your dependency on pharmaceutical drugs and improve your life with his research into today’s cutting edge science and simple step-by-step processes. Come learn to access the feel good and healing bio-substances you already have inside to live a focused and happy life without prescribed medications.

This program spans one week and allows you to experience the sights and experiences of Costa Rica, while being in community with other like-minded people looking for a better way than masking life with pharmaceuticals -and who actually want to take the first step to BE healthy! This is a great program for couples or individuals alike.

A Wellbeing Weekend Cruise is a Body Pampering, Relaxing, and Educational Long Weekend Vacation aboard the Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas, one of the world’s most spectacular ocean liners. . and as an added bonus: Welcome Cocktail Party for our group, all Conferences Included, Create Memories, Achieve Experiences and the opportunity to form Friendships for a Lifetime .
Our next 4-Night Wellbeing cruise will take place on March 01, 2018 and will stop at Cozumel, Mexico. On the Sea days we will be offering a variety of lectures, workshops, and private consultations* by a leading authority in the fields of Alternative and Holistic Health & Healing Master Brian Sheen an American Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Writer, Educator and Lecturer on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. To learn more about Dr. Brian Sheen: Go to Learn about his latest book Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy: For Living a Focused and Happy Life Without Drugs – About how to use scientifically proven techniques to activate your body’s inner pharmacy to obtain all the biochemicals you need to be focused, happy and calm while expediting any healing process and extending your life expectancy! The tools and strategies learned can help you lower medication dosages or end their need entirely while improving the way you feel, function and relate with others.
*We also offer the Unique Option of a Shamanic Ritual at the Tulum Pyramids to connect with the Consciousness of the ancient place with Brian Sheen Ph. D who is a Certified Shaman.

Cruise Itinerary:
Thu 01Mar2018 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 4:30 PM
Fri 02Mar2018 Cruising
Sat 03Mar2018 Cozumel, Mexico Docked
Sun 04Mar2018 Cruising
Mon 05Mar2018 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 7:00 AM

This wonderful Experience while dining on specially prepared Natural foods, swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, and Relaxing on the MS Independence of the Seas Ship packed with all the phenomenal onboard experiences including the Surf simulator, a rock climbing wall, ice-skating rink, cantilevered whirlpools, Royal Promenade, mini golf course, and much more. Sit back and watch Broadway’s Musicals. It’s your most Incredible and Relaxing vacation yet!
*Private Consultations for a fee arranged directly with Dr. Sheen
*Cabin Pricing plus taxes and port fees.
*Tulum Day Trip is available for a fee.
*Conferences Titles to be published soon.

For more Information or to Reserve your Cabin!
Contact Giselle Perez at: 786-277-8583 or
Ran Cohen at: 786-502-5172







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