1. What is the difference between the two programs offered by FICAM?

The two programs being offered at this time are
  • The comprehensive Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioner (CAMP) program and the 7 Keys for Attention Development and Emotional Wellness Trainer.CAMP covers 14 different modalities of alternative therapy to help activate the inner pharmacy and unconscious mind of an individual to do deep healing and accelerate their healing mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in relationships. This includes practicing the modalities such as hypnosis,bioenergetic’s, quantum psychology,neurolinguistic programming (NLP), yoga, Formative Psychology,AttitudinalHealing,Choice Theory as well as the tools and strategies of the 7 Keys.This occurs in sixteen training weekends with in-depth practice and personal experience to comfortably utilize these tools for oneself and others.
  • The 7 Keys for Attention Development and Emotional Wellness Program has only three training weekends and focuses specifically on these tools and strategies.

2. How do I get started?

Click on the registration form of either the CAMP or of the 7 Keys Trainer,download, fill this in and sign it. Then scan your application to email it to drbriansheen@yahoo.comor to drop it in the mail you’re your authorization to access your credit cards or with your check upon. Upon receipt of your application it will be reviewed and you will receive notification of your acceptance within 48 hours. Once accepted you can begin it is then suggested you order the necessary books and CD’s for the program to begin your personal research.Lastly schedule your r attendance for the next training program

3. How can I use the training I receive in my existing career?

The application of the knowledge that FICAM teaches is applicable at home at work, at home, in education, in social activities.For those already in the healthcare, coaching wellness training field, you will be able to integrate what you been learning to enhance the existing services you already provide or add new ones. Many massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and yoga teachers find themselves dealing with more of the mental and emotional needs using the tools and strategies they’ve learned to help their clients and generate new income sources.

4. If I want personalized counseling or therapy,can I receive it to help me with difficult issues?

Individual private consultations are available for alternative therapy, life coachingor tutoring. Please go to online interactions tab to put in your request.These sessions can be done in person,on Skype or by phone.

5. How can I use my training to begin a new career as a complementary and alternative medicine practitioner?

When you begin your career as a complementary and alternative medicine practitioner we suggest that after your first full year of training that you begin to create cards social media accounts and a website letting your friends family and associates know that you’re in training and are ready willing and able to offer free help to practice your tools to green gator to gain greater confidence and help you for fill your practice requirements then after two years you can begin to actively pursue clients that will pay you for your services while you continue on with your master training program that will be released 2017

6. How many in-house training weekends must I attend?

there are eight training weekends per year for total of 16 it is required that you attend a minimum of 14 of these trainings in altered in order to qualify for your diploma for the for the seven keys attention development and emotional wellness trainer there are three weekends of trainings that you are required to attend and you must attend either of these

7. What happens if I miss a training weekend?

Complementary and Alternative Medicine students (CAMP) may substitute two training weekends per year after first receiving approval for a minimum of 20 hours of certified training in some type of aligned therapeutic modality. If not a two make up classes can be taken in your third year or other type of service work where you are sharing the tools you have learned. Proof of completion of that training is necessary to receive credit and must’ve been preapproved

8. Are there any educational prerequisites needed for me to join?

There is no educational prerequisites prior to starting either a of FICAM’s training programs. It is highly recommended that you’ve gained some familiarity in the field to practice of some sort of spirituality, wellness, recovery or professional healthcare which could include a 12 Step or 28 day recovery programs, training workshops, retreats or other certifications you’ve acquired.

9. As a professional in the field already can I use my training to meet continuing education requirement?

Many existing associations for medical, psychological or other health related fields will often accept the training that you’re doing at FICAM to meet a portion of their CEU requirements to maintain your existing license. However you must first apply to your professional associations supervising body to receive their approval in writing first.