Anna “Jyoti”

Jyoti receiving Certifictae
jyoti grad speak

Joining Ficam was a gift I gave myself. It started with taking ACIM and Meditation classes and suddenly I wanted more than just once a week, few hours feeling good. Oh! My Perfect Family! It seemed great on the outside and yet that apparent love perfection always got disrupted with arguments, conflicts and emotional dysfunction. Ficam, my life line, a desperate hope for balance, order in mine, my family and business life.

I cannot begin to share the amazing journey I have had learning,growing,transforming and emerging as a FICAM graduate. I had such resistant to start as there was a part of me saying I was too old to study and learn, it was too much work and commitment and I had too many other things in my life to deal with concerning my family and business. Too,too,too! But after a few months something shifted and that ego voice inside trying to get me to avoid many parts of myself that wanted to stay hidden so I could keep playing victim and blaming others for my stress and lack of heart felt joy, quieted down and let my true self emerge. And oh am I so thankful it did. Within the next three years I let go over tons of anger,sadness,conflict,specialness and ego driven fear that a deep peace arose within me as I went through the processes of FICAM and learned to help others in kind. Brian never let me drift away and challenged me continually to face and embrace my unloving and downright manipulative parts of me to help me use the many processes he teaches to let them dissolve into nothing as the Light replaced the darkness.Now not only do I feel peaceful and connected to my Source but I give classes,workshops and sessions to share this with others to extend all I learned and keep my journey moving forward each day.

I am forever grateful to all that I learned in Ficam. Being on the Spiritual path wouldn’t have been enough. For me it would have been another wish and probably I would have criticized and beat myself up even more for not being able to feel all that I was meant to experience. With the study and the practice of Ficam I was able to dissolve all the fears and shame stored in the unconscious body, which allowed me to make room for the Divine to enter and feel all the benefits that comes with Divine connection..
The benefits are many, my health is 100% on the rise, as I age in years I feel I am getting stronger and younger. My connection to my children is amazing, my children didn’t change I did. I don’t let the past influence the present with habitual unconscious reactions, therefore each moment I am fully present aware of who I am. Having said this, it doesn’t mean that life goes always smooth. My success in life lays in the tools I have acquired to deal with whatever life presents. There is a clarity and peace that just comes when I apply the tools I have learned.

My life has improved because of Ficam. Every encounter, every business transaction, every family event, every decision personal or not I bring it to Light. I surrender my will to the Higher Will.
I am grateful to have done this work. Today I pass this knowledge to others who come to me for help. Helping others allows me to dig deeper into myself, but mostly as I watch others go through the struggles of unconscious behavior I feel a deep sense of gratitude for being where I am today. I am in a better place because I decided I didn’t want to suffer ANY MORE!

I recommend highly. You are worthy. You’ll see!

I hope what I have shared is valuable to you.