I chose FICAM because I saw an opportunity to add new skills and effectively clarify and combine the knowledge, experience and tools I have learned over the last 20 years. Through everything I have experienced, witnessed and practiced through FICAM, I have personally grown exponentially, discovered many hidden patterns, blocks and blind spots, opened space, transformed or completely moved past most of them. I cannot begin to list, let alone remember, all that has transpired and shifted but I do know that I am firmly aware of how to maintain my own sense of peace, recognize when it has temporarily left me, how to get it back and most importantly, how to share and teach others to do so as well.
I am comfortable and competent to talk about what I do in social and networking scenarios to attract new clients, to establish rapport and determine what a client’s short- and long-term goals are, the knowledge to formulate a plan to get them there and the flexibility to use whatever they bring to the table during each session to reach those goals. I feel confident to teach many techniques, strategies, tools and knowledge in either private or group settings. I have multiple avenues and ideas planned with which to use my training and knowledge as the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioner that functions through me.