Maritza was an amazing student who was already a practicing psychotherapist specializing in the field of addiction and recovery when she began her training. Yet like all FICAM students she had many areas of her own life that needed healing and growth. I fondly remember her first year of training as she was always in a very stressed out state continually entangled in difficult personal.romantic and family relationships. This I have found to be the norm what students begin FICAM as they have a keen awareness that something needs to change in their life and they are yearning to find the path and the tools to gain this knowledge to help themselves and others with what they learn. For me, as their teacher, this is the great delight to meet such determined people like Maritzer who commit themselves to finding that other way and are willing to face,embrace,trace and replace whatever interference they find buried within to use the alchemy of the manny core modalities of Quantum Embodiment to transform their mental,emotional and spiritual awareness to feel better,be more focused and obtain loving and peaceful relationships. It was a great pleasure that by the third year of her FICAM education I was asked to officiate at her wedding as she married a wonderful like-minded man, Joe, who brought so much love,peace and strength to Maritzer and her son. Joe also did a year of training with FICAM to help him overcome many of the issues he knew he needed healing.