Ryan Graduation-0

Ryan was the youngest FICAM enrollee when he began. Ryan had been struggling in recovery for a few years and seemed to have lost his way. He was confused,emotionally overwhelmed,filled with anger and hatred towards his family and in general a “mess.” Yet despite the many challenges Ryan was dealing with mentally,emotionally,spiritually and in relationships,Ryan had a strong commitment to heal and find another way. He always showed up and worked diligently in the study groups and in house training. Little by little I began to see his authentic self emerge which revealed a powerful presence with great intuitive abilities to work on his own healing and connect with others to help them with theirs.

I can still remember the day Ryan showed up for an in house training in the middle of his second year of training and it was clear something HUGE had shifted.His eyes sparkled beneath a new haircut that gave him a new image of confidence and peace. The young man forever wearing a mask of pain and anger had vanished and this was replaced with a gentle smile and compassion. It was so evident how all his dedication had brought him to this moment of LEAP to another level of awareness and ability. His talent as a practitioner working with others soared and I smiled continually as I supervised his interactions with individuals who came to our training sessions for healing. Now,with his personal issues no longer overwhelming him his natural abilities were awakened and easily shared as if he had decades of experience. Those he worked on prospered and his graduation was only the start of what I hope will be a lifelong commitment to this field to stand on my shoulders and others to elevate the path to healing and personal growth to heretofore unknown pinnacles of success.