Sara :Me with her FICAM diploma July 2016

“This summer was literally a dream come true for me, and probably the most unforgettable summer of my entire life, and I have FICAM to thank for that. My husband and I just ran our first summer camp at our new capoeira studio for ten consecutive weeks. I have been teaching children for years, but never had I had the time and freedom before to really share and integrate the knowledge that I have gained over the years studying and working at FICAM. So aside from learning martial arts, yoga, acrobatics and music and other fun activities and adventures we had planned, the kids also learned meditation, pranayam, and bioenergetics. I also incorporated several components of the Attention Dynamics program by teaching them all about connecting/disconnecting choices, doing a vision board project, and creating personal codes. I even used NLP with them to help them reach a specific personal goal of learning a new acrobatic move. Throughout the summer the kids learned how to pause, breathe and find another way to deal with situations that weren’t serving them when they found themselves going into the “wrong mind”…and believe me with a group of 20 kids of ages 4-13 hanging out together all day every day there were plenty of opportunities to practice this!!!

At the end of the summer the kids performed a Summer Showcase for their families and friends and from the reactions of the audience and the incredible heartfelt feedback we got from the parents about the positive effect of the work we have been doing, the results were clear…the summer was a huge success. It really meant the world to me to be able to be in that situation where I could really be open to pass on some of the knowledge – especially to our younger generation – that has helped me so much to be able to handle life and all its “difficulties” so well. People kept saying to me “I don’t know how you’re doing it! Running a summer camp and taking care of your infant while breastfeeding at the same time…How do you handle all that responsibility and those long days???” The answer was so simple. When you learn the tools to live from your heart and from a place of balance on all levels of consciousness, life just “happens” and everything falls into place. Instead of feeling like “work” it’s just love made manifest. I am forever grateful for Brian Sheen and FICAM for the knowledge and tools that continue to help myself, my family, and my students live the most peaceful, healthy, balanced and successful life imaginable.”

Sara:Me:Benito Ficam