Sandra..ficamLooking back from where I came when I first began FICAM until now, it as if I was caterpillar crawling on the ground afraid of being stepped up and looking up at the sky with dread. Through FICAM I went through a metamorphosis to become the butterfly soaring through the sky filled with delight and freedom and knowing I can handle anything! I learned through my inner process to shift myself when caught in wrong mindedness to return my peace and focus. I discovered how incredible it was to help others and show them another way to feeling good where they didm;t have to take psychotropic medications or talk endlessly for years about what went wrong in their childhood or marriage. The many tools and strategies Brian taught at FICAM in what he calls Quantum Embodiment. is able to help individual do in weeks what other therapeutic modalities tools years and years and often still didn’t get top the root of the underlying problem. I am so grateful for the work and commitment Brian shares and all of the FICAM students who worked with each other to learn and develop our competency in using this approach. I incorporate all I learned with my children,family and business associates. I love being able to work both in my real estate business and do classes and meet with clients to help them to enjoy the diversity of what each gives me. As Brian was fond of saying “Who says it has to be one or the other? Why not do both? You have the capacity for infinite love and creativity to share,extend yourself and have fun to live your life as it feels good to you.You have no obligation to fit into anybodies mold, just be you and celebrate what your heart enjoys!”