Graduates and Students

We are very proud of our graduates who have demonstrated consistency and integrity in embracing their studies and utilizing the power of the many therapeutic modalities they learned. Each has integrated what they learned through intense personal work to fully experience the benefits and inner workings of each process.


Fanny was already a well established psychotherapist when we met who worked with various universities and therapeutic practices. Yet Fanny had a special element within her training as she,like myself,sent a lot of time in Africa assimilating the many shamanic methods of the most ancient healers on our planet. She loved that I had studied with the great Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa,who was the leading healer for the entire continent of Africa. I had learned from him and other shamans in the Amazon,Mexico and throughout the world, that their ancient wisdom was the basis of so many modern techniques currently being used in complementary and alternative medicine today,

Yet Fanny also had a heritage in Africa that grounded her in the shamanic knowledge in a deep and intimate way as she was from royal lineage and in August 2016 became crowned Queen Diambi Kabatusuila Wa Tshiyoyo Muata Bakwa Indu of Dimbelege Kasaï in the Congo.

Fanny Queen Diambi Wa Tshiyoyo Muata Bakwa Indu of Dimbelege Kasaï in the Congo


Maritza was an amazing student who was already a practicing psychotherapist specializing in the field of addiction and recovery when she began her training. Yet like all FICAM students she had many areas of her own life that needed healing and growth. I fondly remember her first year of training as she was always in a very stressed out state continually entangled in difficult personal.romantic and family relationships. This I have found to be the norm what students begin FICAM as they have a keen awareness that something needs to change in their life and they are yearning to find the path and the tools to gain this knowledge to help themselves and others with what they learn. For me, as their teacher, this is the great delight to meet such determined people like Maritzer who commit themselves to finding that other way and are willing to face,embrace,trace and replace whatever interference they find buried within to use the alchemy of the manny core modalities of Quantum Embodiment to transform their mental,emotional and spiritual awareness to feel better,be more focused and obtain loving and peaceful relationships. It was a great pleasure that by the third year of her FICAM education I was asked to officiate at her wedding as she married a wonderful like-minded man, Joe, who brought so much love,peace and strength to Maritzer and her son. Joe also did a year of training with FICAM to help him overcome many of the issues he knew he needed healing.


Ryan Graduation-0

Ryan was the youngest FICAM enrollee when he began. Ryan had been struggling in recovery for a few years and seemed to have lost his way. He was confused,emotionally overwhelmed,filled with anger and hatred towards his family and in general a “mess.” Yet despite the many challenges Ryan was dealing with mentally,emotionally,spiritually and in relationships,Ryan had a strong commitment to heal and find another way. He always showed up and worked diligently in the study groups and in house training. Little by little I began to see his authentic self emerge which revealed a powerful presence with great intuitive abilities to work on his own healing and connect with others to help them with theirs.

I can still remember the day Ryan showed up for an in house training in the middle of his second year of training and it was clear something HUGE had shifted.His eyes sparkled beneath a new haircut that gave him a new image of confidence and peace. The young man forever wearing a mask of pain and anger had vanished and this was replaced with a gentle smile and compassion. It was so evident how all his dedication had brought him to this moment of LEAP to another level of awareness and ability. His talent as a practitioner working with others soared and I smiled continually as I supervised his interactions with individuals who came to our training sessions for healing. Now,with his personal issues no longer overwhelming him his natural abilities were awakened and easily shared as if he had decades of experience. Those he worked on prospered and his graduation was only the start of what I hope will be a lifelong commitment to this field to stand on my shoulders and others to elevate the path to healing and personal growth to heretofore unknown pinnacles of success.


Sara :Me with her FICAM diploma July 2016

“This summer was literally a dream come true for me, and probably the most unforgettable summer of my entire life, and I have FICAM to thank for that. My husband and I just ran our first summer camp at our new capoeira studio for ten consecutive weeks. I have been teaching children for years, but never had I had the time and freedom before to really share and integrate the knowledge that I have gained over the years studying and working at FICAM. So aside from learning martial arts, yoga, acrobatics and music and other fun activities and adventures we had planned, the kids also learned meditation, pranayam, and bioenergetics. I also incorporated several components of the Attention Dynamics program by teaching them all about connecting/disconnecting choices, doing a vision board project, and creating personal codes. I even used NLP with them to help them reach a specific personal goal of learning a new acrobatic move. Throughout the summer the kids learned how to pause, breathe and find another way to deal with situations that weren’t serving them when they found themselves going into the “wrong mind”…and believe me with a group of 20 kids of ages 4-13 hanging out together all day every day there were plenty of opportunities to practice this!!!

At the end of the summer the kids performed a Summer Showcase for their families and friends and from the reactions of the audience and the incredible heartfelt feedback we got from the parents about the positive effect of the work we have been doing, the results were clear…the summer was a huge success. It really meant the world to me to be able to be in that situation where I could really be open to pass on some of the knowledge – especially to our younger generation – that has helped me so much to be able to handle life and all its “difficulties” so well. People kept saying to me “I don’t know how you’re doing it! Running a summer camp and taking care of your infant while breastfeeding at the same time…How do you handle all that responsibility and those long days???” The answer was so simple. When you learn the tools to live from your heart and from a place of balance on all levels of consciousness, life just “happens” and everything falls into place. Instead of feeling like “work” it’s just love made manifest. I am forever grateful for Brian Sheen and FICAM for the knowledge and tools that continue to help myself, my family, and my students live the most peaceful, healthy, balanced and successful life imaginable.”

Sara:Me:Benito Ficam



“I have always struggled with the idea of perfection. Every time I teach a class I get nervous that I won’t be perfect, I won’t have enough knowledge but Bria’s confidence in me and providing a safe environment has helped me move past the fears and usually get compliments afterwards. ” I feel a major shift in my life and in my relationships with others and with myself. I don’t feel guarded or scared I feel like my whole chest and heart is open in a way I have never felt before.I am so passionate about all the changes happening in my life and career, being able to help people and create change in my life.“ Nicole Fiametti

I can honestly say that the uncovering and awareness that took place  has undoubtedly changed my life and I am sure it will continue to do so.” Nicole


I chose FICAM because I saw an opportunity to add new skills and effectively clarify and combine the knowledge, experience and tools I have learned over the last 20 years. Through everything I have experienced, witnessed and practiced through FICAM, I have personally grown exponentially, discovered many hidden patterns, blocks and blind spots, opened space, transformed or completely moved past most of them. I cannot begin to list, let alone remember, all that has transpired and shifted but I do know that I am firmly aware of how to maintain my own sense of peace, recognize when it has temporarily left me, how to get it back and most importantly, how to share and teach others to do so as well.
I am comfortable and competent to talk about what I do in social and networking scenarios to attract new clients, to establish rapport and determine what a client’s short- and long-term goals are, the knowledge to formulate a plan to get them there and the flexibility to use whatever they bring to the table during each session to reach those goals. I feel confident to teach many techniques, strategies, tools and knowledge in either private or group settings. I have multiple avenues and ideas planned with which to use my training and knowledge as the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioner that functions through me.



AngieWow! This is all I can say!

Anna “Jyoti”

Jyoti receiving Certifictae
jyoti grad speak

Joining Ficam was a gift I gave myself. It started with taking ACIM and Meditation classes and suddenly I wanted more than just once a week, few hours feeling good. Oh! My Perfect Family! It seemed great on the outside and yet that apparent love perfection always got disrupted with arguments, conflicts and emotional dysfunction. Ficam, my life line, a desperate hope for balance, order in mine, my family and business life.

I cannot begin to share the amazing journey I have had learning,growing,transforming and emerging as a FICAM graduate. I had such resistant to start as there was a part of me saying I was too old to study and learn, it was too much work and commitment and I had too many other things in my life to deal with concerning my family and business. Too,too,too! But after a few months something shifted and that ego voice inside trying to get me to avoid many parts of myself that wanted to stay hidden so I could keep playing victim and blaming others for my stress and lack of heart felt joy, quieted down and let my true self emerge. And oh am I so thankful it did. Within the next three years I let go over tons of anger,sadness,conflict,specialness and ego driven fear that a deep peace arose within me as I went through the processes of FICAM and learned to help others in kind. Brian never let me drift away and challenged me continually to face and embrace my unloving and downright manipulative parts of me to help me use the many processes he teaches to let them dissolve into nothing as the Light replaced the darkness.Now not only do I feel peaceful and connected to my Source but I give classes,workshops and sessions to share this with others to extend all I learned and keep my journey moving forward each day.

I am forever grateful to all that I learned in Ficam. Being on the Spiritual path wouldn’t have been enough. For me it would have been another wish and probably I would have criticized and beat myself up even more for not being able to feel all that I was meant to experience. With the study and the practice of Ficam I was able to dissolve all the fears and shame stored in the unconscious body, which allowed me to make room for the Divine to enter and feel all the benefits that comes with Divine connection..
The benefits are many, my health is 100% on the rise, as I age in years I feel I am getting stronger and younger. My connection to my children is amazing, my children didn’t change I did. I don’t let the past influence the present with habitual unconscious reactions, therefore each moment I am fully present aware of who I am. Having said this, it doesn’t mean that life goes always smooth. My success in life lays in the tools I have acquired to deal with whatever life presents. There is a clarity and peace that just comes when I apply the tools I have learned.

My life has improved because of Ficam. Every encounter, every business transaction, every family event, every decision personal or not I bring it to Light. I surrender my will to the Higher Will.
I am grateful to have done this work. Today I pass this knowledge to others who come to me for help. Helping others allows me to dig deeper into myself, but mostly as I watch others go through the struggles of unconscious behavior I feel a deep sense of gratitude for being where I am today. I am in a better place because I decided I didn’t want to suffer ANY MORE!

I recommend highly. You are worthy. You’ll see!

I hope what I have shared is valuable to you.



Sandra..ficamLooking back from where I came when I first began FICAM until now, it as if I was caterpillar crawling on the ground afraid of being stepped up and looking up at the sky with dread. Through FICAM I went through a metamorphosis to become the butterfly soaring through the sky filled with delight and freedom and knowing I can handle anything! I learned through my inner process to shift myself when caught in wrong mindedness to return my peace and focus. I discovered how incredible it was to help others and show them another way to feeling good where they didm;t have to take psychotropic medications or talk endlessly for years about what went wrong in their childhood or marriage. The many tools and strategies Brian taught at FICAM in what he calls Quantum Embodiment. is able to help individual do in weeks what other therapeutic modalities tools years and years and often still didn’t get top the root of the underlying problem. I am so grateful for the work and commitment Brian shares and all of the FICAM students who worked with each other to learn and develop our competency in using this approach. I incorporate all I learned with my children,family and business associates. I love being able to work both in my real estate business and do classes and meet with clients to help them to enjoy the diversity of what each gives me. As Brian was fond of saying “Who says it has to be one or the other? Why not do both? You have the capacity for infinite love and creativity to share,extend yourself and have fun to live your life as it feels good to you.You have no obligation to fit into anybodies mold, just be you and celebrate what your heart enjoys!”