Prospective Students

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As you are considering FICAM for personal or professional reasons I thought I would share with you what living as a FICAM trained practitioner is like.

My first priority of being in this field is to live an empowered, healthy and extraordinary life! Having an opportunity to create my life the way I love it is essential Just thinking about something isn’t enough. I must embody truth and be consistent with my practice to develop empowered habits of thinking and doing. It’s never been enough for me to just read about truth and talk about it. This doesn’t give me taste and feel of the knowledge I am learning nor the chance to experiment with it in my inner laboratory to check the results of it.

I am results oriented. I took to heart what Kahilil Gibran said when he wrote “Work is love made manifest” (The Prophet) So I manifest the love in my heart for knowledge of Life, Truth and Existence every morning to use the tools and strategies I have learned to ensure I am in a magnificent place. I take care of me first so I am centered and grounded BEFORE I go to the office for I know all work I do comes from me and my attitude and emotional state determine the quality of work I do and energy I share with others.

Now once I am in an empowered place of focus and peace, I begin my day with my first tasks and appointments. My perspective of coming in to the “office” is really a sense of going to a playground to play with my friends in person or online. I have found that life is a really a game as is my work. I find a way to have fun in everything I do and love the challenges that emerge. I never know what may come up in a meeting, session or project. I embrace this uncertainty as I know that passion is proportional to the degree of uncertainty I can accept. I do not enjoy doing robotic actions over and over again as it becomes a mindless activity. I want to be engaged and present confident I can handle anything that comes my way. This is the intention of FICAM and what quantum embodiment is all about. I don’t want people living in their heads a virtual life of wishes and imagination, I want to show how people can live in the aliveness and joy of the world while clearminded and heart directed knowing they can handle whatever comes their way and feel good while doing it.

In a normal day of sessions I will have helped someone get to the root of their hypothyroidism doing Formative Psychology and Bioenergetics after doing forgiveness interventions. Next was helping a client get back into the “zone” in their work using NLP, hypnosis and Quantum Psychology. This was followed by working with some online clients coaching them to get back on track to use the tools they had forgotten about to enhance their state five minutes after doing so.

Each day is different and fun to share the knowledge of quantum embodiment. Another day I helped a couple iron things out before their pending marriage so old issues of failed relationships in the past wouldn’t sabotage their nuptials. I utilized combinations of Choice Theory, meditation, Meta NLP and a a Hellinger Family Constellation. With another client that day we just talked and I used some miracle re-patterning techniques to realign some wrong minded thinking. And finally for the day I started with a client doing Quantum Breathwork and Bioenergetics and before finishing with an iconization process.

Some evenings time I teach a class or conduct a workshop to share quantum embodiment in groups. I love group work as the increased levels of handling many things at once is fun for me. Helping one person in the group deal with something while simultaneously helping the others get in touch with a similar issue is challenging and exciting. I love the new possibilities group work opens up to me and my clients as I use attendees to get involved with many of the processes we will do.

Financially I live very comfortably as I charge $300/hour for my private session work. I started at $25 as I learned my way and slowly increased my rates as I increased by knowledge and expertise. Yet I will never turn someone away from my services regardless of their ability to pay. I do ask for exchange of work as I find exchange is vital to the recovery of sanity and balance.

I also travel a lot around the world to continue to learn and grow studying other cultures and healing practices . Most of these trips these are tax deductible as they are in furtherance of my education! This makes it so easy to go to India, Africa, the Amazon ,or anywhere else there is someone I want to learn from or study.

Obviously if you are looking to do FICAM for your personal growth only that’s great. I did this for many years before one day having a revelation this path was to be my life’s work. Once knowing this I began to build a bridge from where I was to where I now knew I wanted to go. There is no need to drop everything and just become an alternative therapist. If you enjoy what you are now doing perhaps you do some of each, there are no rules except the ones you establish!

Everyday I wake up feeling blessed to be alive and exited about the fun I will be having letting Life unfold and sharing the knowledge I have been so fortunate to have received. Perhaps as you read this you say to yourself ,yes, this is similar to what I want; to have a mastery over my life doing what I value and appreciate. Maybe you’ll read this and realize something else altogether. But whatever it is I hope what I given you a perspective of what this training can be do for if you dedicate yourself to it for a few years. At FICAM I teach you not only the knowledge to help others but also the know-how to set up a practice and build it successfully or to just incorporate in your existing profession and feel better and live longer and healthier because of it.

Enjoy your journey!