Yvette shares views with Client

I had had an injury about 10 days before and was not sure I would be even able to walk. We were going through a huge move, the week that school started, along with having Guest arrive. This usually would have been enough to make me stop and not persue my goal but, I intuitively knew this was it. The right school, the right classes, a brilliant teacher. Many of the books we were asked to read were books I was familiar with.

Since day one I have felt myself changing , which is amazing. I had been trained as a Grief Counselor and was still dealing with many deaths including that of my 23 year old son.
Old patterns are already slipping away and I am seeing so much about myself and making the changes that I have needed to make my whole life.

Each day is a gift, a new beginning. I wish school were everyday.,…Thanks again. Brian”

– Yvette