Angie shares the views with Client

First, I’d Like to Look Back

It feels so long ago when I first walked up the stairs to enter the new world of possibilities that waited for me at FICAM. And yet, it feels like yesterday. Angie

I walked in naively thinking, “Sure, I have some issues but I’m fine.” And, the very last night of FICAM training I attended, I remember walking out in tears. Tears of joy, of gratitude and tears of complete soul-related-happiness for having opened myself to the experiences that I did.

I walked out, a completely different person. A person who saw that my “some issues” were much more than I had ever thought I could have. I went from a person who misguidedly judged, to a person that now feels true love and compassion for others. My mentality changed from thinking, “You went / did all of that?” to a heart-felt acceptance of knowing this person (who ever it is) is me in oneness, seeing them in light as they really are, and not judging them for their doings or actions.

It’s funny – – years ago I would never have mustard up the courage to do things that scared me. Now a day I see things more as an opportunity… an invitation to try something new … a reason to possibly experience something in life.