GINA shared her views with Client

“FICAM has been amazing. I am so glad, and grateful I made this choice. Now I am empowered and have A NEW LIFE! And I couldn’t believe that my business has gone even smoother than usual and I’ve become even more organized. Joining the school was the best decision I have made in my entire life, like a trip to Heaven. When the first week of intensive in-house training was over I gained knowledge, deep peace, serenity and I felt ten years younger. Brian is an exceptionally great teacher and although the purpose for the school is learning,the time spent there was lots of fun. I also gained the confidence
to know that I can be anything I want to be now. I can inspire others. If this training takes me
into teaching that would be great,if not, my personal growth and getting to know my deeper self is giving me a vision of great success whatever that may be. Thankyou, thank you for seeing in me something I never thought I could be.”

– Gina