Here are some remarks from our students who just finished our first week of in-house training on becoming a complementary and alternative medicine practitioner.

“I felt an overwhelming opening of my heart with a confidence and knowingness that this is exactly where I want to be and where I’m suppose to be. I feel confident that I will learn everything I need in order to be a competent practitioner. I felt happy to come t the center six days in a row and could have stayed each night till 10 p.m. and not have been bored.

The integration & practice of the tools and knowledge we learned, having a partner, getting into the body each morning, taking necessary breaks for fresh air and stretching. The diversity in which information was relayed and then made experiential.

Each day I experienced personal growth and awareness on a powerful level. Both in terms of my awareness of my inner self but as expressed in my understanding of my feelings and emotions towards the other participants and the teacher.