Michael shares his views with Client

“Dear Brian… Before I joined FICAM I was contemplating back and forth ..on the fence but then I decided to take this leap of faith and so glad that I made that choice…all week long before I went to bed i felt excited to wake up the next morning and have something that felt good and right in my heart to look forward too…(this hadn’t happened to me in a while)….I just felt this sense of knowing and all I cared about was that I wanted to be there. I got so much fulfillment with all that I was learning and practicing…and all the love that was around me, not quite sure how I will put it together but something inside me ..a little voice inside me says it will beok … I also feel SOOOO eager to MASTER these techniques, and even though a little part of me is scared inside that I can’t match to the standards.. I feel I’ll find a way and will do the best I can. You have helped me so much in my life and I love to learn from you any chance I can. Even though I am not good at expressing my feelings and appreciation or know how to say it….I will try because I want you to know how deeply I am thankful for you and appreciate the help and support that you give me and for always being there for me. My heart has deep love for you and your dedication love and support only reinforce and encouraged me to want this even more. U are so brilliant with so much wisdom and I am so Glad and that You are my teacher and my friend….Thank you for you and for all the hard work to help us learn and grow… “T”