Denise Agaden shares views with Client

Your coaching offered me the guidance I needed to make important decision in my life. You helped me see there was another way to see what was going on. You helped me change my relationship with my mother. The beautiful thing is that you helped me reconnect with a part of me that I had forgotten long ago. You’ve taught me that life changes and moves but that I can deal with it. Thank You.”

– Denise Agaden

SurenderTalwar shares views with client

My session with Angie was just a complete surprise. She chose the right opportunity and with her experience of healing she turned my thoughts to JUST positive from maybe. Her method was very direct and very friendly. She practices compassion in her healing process. May be sometime you have to lose who you were to find out who you are. I wish her a great success in her personal & professional life.

– SurenderTalwar

Carolyn Mendez shares the views with client

“My sessions with Coach Angie Changed my life for good..
She motivated me reach my weekly goals and to believe in my dreams! I actually started to write my book, something I thought it was an impossible dream.. I actually started writing (Doing), instead of just (Wishing).

I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to get unstuck in life and seeking to achieve their dreams!”

– Carolyn Mendez

Ashlee W. shares views with Client

I knew immediately when I saw the website. Everything is going exactly the way I want in my life now.

– Ashlee W.

Michelle V shares views with Client

I have realized that I am responsible for my own happiness and this school has taught me to challenge EVERYTHING I think and believe.

– Michelle V

Sandra Fuentes Blavia shares her view with Client


I found the center one and a half years ago. There was a void in my life and it’s been one of the best decisions in my life. Now how I relate to everybody and catch myself with emotions and negative self talk if great. I experience joy and peace within me. It’s my dharma to share and extend these tools. I already do meditation classes in my hour and some 2-hour workshops here and there. I have even started working with a couple of clients.

– Sandra Fuentes Blavia

Angie shares the views with Client

First, I’d Like to Look Back

It feels so long ago when I first walked up the stairs to enter the new world of possibilities that waited for me at FICAM. And yet, it feels like yesterday. Angie

I walked in naively thinking, “Sure, I have some issues but I’m fine.” And, the very last night of FICAM training I attended, I remember walking out in tears. Tears of joy, of gratitude and tears of complete soul-related-happiness for having opened myself to the experiences that I did.

I walked out, a completely different person. A person who saw that my “some issues” were much more than I had ever thought I could have. I went from a person who misguidedly judged, to a person that now feels true love and compassion for others. My mentality changed from thinking, “You went / did all of that?” to a heart-felt acceptance of knowing this person (who ever it is) is me in oneness, seeing them in light as they really are, and not judging them for their doings or actions.

It’s funny – – years ago I would never have mustard up the courage to do things that scared me. Now a day I see things more as an opportunity… an invitation to try something new … a reason to possibly experience something in life.

My Most Recent Example of My Applying

Four years ago I was in the worst emotional state I have ever been. Feeling a threatening mix of sadness and despair; hurt and abandonment; love and hate.

It was the summer that had to do with the baby. And it was the summer of the last World Cup.

When the announcements began for this year’s World Cup, I noticed I still carried the memory. My body cringed at the idea of having to listen to World Cup things again. Then, one morning as I was in meditation I realized that I had associated that hurt and pain with soccer and the World Cup.

Right there, I made the decision to change it, to embrace it, to let it go once and for all. Must importantly, I made the decision to go on with my life, forgive him (as I was still blaming him) and most importantly forgive myself.

I went in front of the mirror and looked into my own eyes and saw "me today". I closed my eyes, took a deep couple of breaths and asked the "me then" to appear before me. And she did. Tears came up but not of sadness. It was more of relief … as if she appeared to me and was finally ready and willing to letting go.

I watched the opening ceremony from work and have watched almost every game. Obviously the fact that Colombia got so far helped me be more passionate about it. The best thing is that I deliberately made the choice to have fun and enjoy the experience.

I’ve been able to transform soccer and the World Cup to many new and great memories, with new friends and have anchored myself here more in Houston by going to experience this in new places.

As life would have it, he called me just a few days ago out of the blue. Somewhere along the call, the World Cup games came into the conversation. As we spoke and discussed how bad and disgusting the last game Colombia had was completely unfair (of course, that was me making those accusations!! Lol) … I realized that I was happy to speak to him and didn’t feel any hurt or pain. I have been able to make that shift for me, and finally I have really let it go! : )

Now, In General

In my personal life, I use the tools we learned to open my eyes, my heart and my body every day in one way or another. And I’ve realized that I do it without sometimes really thinking of it. It’s become such a part of me that I find myself aware of my breath even while driving or waiting in line somewhere.

Consciously though in the morning, while I’m having my coffee, I read through A Course in Miracles. A Course in Miracles, I can say honestly, has been one of the greatest tools for me yet. It really does train my mind into a different way of thinking, while at the same time it opens me up in such a way that the only way I can describe is it “innocently” or “creatively”. The best way for me to put it is that since it’s reprogramming my thoughts I find that my thoughts are no longer tied up in a box of “one way thinking”. Instead, I feel like my thoughts are free of labels and of how things should be, as if I was a child seeing things for the first time. The best part about it is that I feel such peace.

During my morning meditations (which can range from 5 to 30 minutes a day) I meditate on the lesson I’m on, and sometimes even write down the phrase of the lesson either on my iPhone or a little piece of paper to stick in my pocket. Granted, there are some days that I run out of time in the morning and skip it all together.

Ha! Those days I can really hear my ego / wrong-minded gremlins (as I’ve come to call them) come out for a joy ride. I don’t fight the gremlins anymore. I’ve sometimes played with them in my mind. I’ll ask them to sit down across from me in my imaginary setting (usually it’s a therapist office setting, although lately since its summer I’ve taken them to the beach – lol), and I interview them. I ask them why they said this or that. In other words, I ask them why they are there, and what can we do “together” to resolve it. I’ve learned to face them and embrace them when I see them.

At the beginning I thought to myself that this was a little crazy because I literally pictured them like little colored gooey-monsters, but laughed it off as it was working for me. Then one day, as I was in session with a client, for some reason the idea came up to try it with her. She was willing, and so I gently guided her to imagine a setting where she would like to meet her gremlins and she too had a talk with them, resolved an emotional issue she was tangled up in and loved the experience. She’s actually emailed me telling me that she has done it frequently on her own, and that it works all the time.

Another thing I’ve successfully applied is getting in touch with my own body.

Before FICAM, I had a vague idea what that meant.

Today, I know exactly what that feels like.

From vague thought to experiencing the feeling has been an amazing shift for me.

One of the best ways I get in touch with my body, and allow myself a major release, is dancing! I allow myself to really feel the music enter me as if the musical notes touched me gracefully on my skin. I allow myself to let go and live totally in the present moment – step by step, turn by turn. I don’t go out much dancing here in Texas, but I’ve discovered that a few minutes in the living room with music full blast does wonders for me. I use it when I need an energy shift in me, to get out of my head or to just have fun!

Besides the yoga (which I love!) the other way I get in my body is jogging. Since I’m working at a 9-5 office, I have to get up at 5 am to go for my jog before getting ready for the day. Not always easy for me, but once I made it a habit, my body longs for it.

As I jog (or walk on some days) I feel my legs alive and carrying me forward. I remember about embodiment and have trained my mind and body that just like my legs are carrying me forward in that jog, so too are they carrying me forward and moving me in life. With strength, determination and (most importantly) one step at a time. I always keep my eyes on a focus point to mark it as a goal, for example a stop sign down the path. I encourage myself to not stop jogging until I reach that particular stop sign. That’s my goal, and that once I reach it I celebrate it with a huge “YES!!!”. Then I think “Just like I can make it to this ‘goal’ so to can I accomplish other goals in my life”. This practice helps me in the morning to stay in that positive and goal affirmative mindset.

I take my phone and headphones with me on my jog, and yet only use it for two reasons (and its barely for music). There is something so beautiful about the silence of the dawn that I’m automatically connected to it – connecting me with spirit. One day, I was so moved that I stopped jogging, sat on the sidewalk facing the lake, took out my iPhone and wrote the following:

The mere process of getting up this morning was a dilemma in itself. I only walked/jogged for 20 minutes. I’m tired, out of breath and still sleepy. Yet… I feel proud of myself. Proud for getting up, getting dressed and out the door.

The sounds of the morning are calm yet inviting. Birds whispering to each other and sing in to the rise of the new day. The sky mystical blue with paint brushed clouds stroked against it.

As the first rays of the sun begin to color the houses, I can’t help but wonder of all the times we miss seeing, hearing and feeling the true essence of the morning dawn. The peace it invites. The excitement of the energy contained silently in the air, yet so alive and palpable that it’s almost grab able.

Somehow the calm that is outside is within me now. As if my physical body was so porous that the air and energy of the morning dawn spills itself into me. Combining my energy with it, infusing me with the gift of creation.

I’ve also made it a practice to be aware of the moment, of everything that is happening around me and of nature itself. That’s the other reason I use my cell phone; if and when something catches my eye, I briefly stop and capture the moment with a picture of it. Then throughout the day, or even days after, when I happen to be looking at the pictures of my phone I come across them and instantly reconnect with that feeling I had when I snapped the picture.

Ohhhh, and the Speaking!

The very first time here in Texas that I had to stand in front of a group of Oil and Gas professionals was to give a 15 minute talk on Mindfulness and Stress. Public Speaking (getting up in front of a large group) is one of the major things I worked on the last year of FICAM. I don’t have the “life-shattering and vomit-wanting” feeling anymore, however I was still a little nervous about presenting this topic to this particular group. It happened during a 4-day training event, and I was to speak on the 3rd day. Up until the moment of my talk, I watched the other speakers, saw their body language, how they spoke with ease, etc…

I was offered to speak from where I had been sitting, however, I decided not to. When it was my turn, I stood exactly where another person I had watched stood. I embodied his “presentation style” through use of my body language to match his, and imagined myself with the same confidence and clarity that I had heard him with.

My voice cracked at the beginning, yes!

My knees were shaking!

And, I could feel the red blushing of my cheeks rise to the color of tomatoes!!

But, once I got “into the talk” the information just flowed out of me. At the end, everyone congratulated me on a well-delivered presentation. From that day on, I’ve been able to talk to small oil and gas groups like this a few times.

Working With Clients

All of things that I have tried on myself, I’ve used with the clients I have had. Many times, the situation just happens to offer itself to trying one thing or another. The majority of the time it’s worked beyond what I could have imagined. There too, I’ve learned to trust my intuition, or knowledge, and Trust the process, whichever it is.

I’ll be honest, one of the hardest things for me at the beginning of learning all the different modalities was questioning, “What will I use when?” Now, I’ve come to an inner understanding that I somehow know what I could use when without so much thought going into it.

I catch myself using NLP techniques in our conversations, anchoring them somehow, or reframing. I’ve had clients embody where they are and where they hope to be (and this really is one of the tools that really has great shifts with people almost immediately). Other times, I’ve had the client’s go back and forth between different chairs in order to talk to the “other person” or even with their Higher Self. With one friend in particular who told me she felt stuck creatively, suddenly I felt the urge to pull out the colored pencils and paper and we drew for the following 45 minutes. By the end, her complete energy had shifted entirely. She felt more open and “unstuck” was her word.

Before a session I always bring myself to a peaceful state of mind. A blank canvas as you used to say. I’ve taught myself to not let my “ego” get in the way by not “assuming” things right off the back or letting “I would do it this way” mentality. When a particular thought does come up, I sort of write it down a little piece of paper, and then deal with it “me” after the session. This has helped me a lot to not let my gremlins get in the way of sessions.

I’ve also learned to differentiate a friend’s conversation with a client’s session. When I am in friend-mode, is one thing. When I am in session it’s another. I’ve come to accept that not everyone is looking for help, not wanting for deep inner work and that not everyone I associate with has the same belief systems. There are times that maybe in friendly conversation I catch things here and there. I want to help them and know that if I could just help them reframe that statement, or tell them “How about if you see it this way…” but I don’t. If they are not in session with me, I have to respect that line of friendship. So, instead I silently bless them, and ask the Holy Spirit to help guide them in whatever they need. My friends know that if they need me I’m there for them, but I learned to not jump to everyone’s rescue.

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Michelle Noah shares her views with Client

Brian has helped me immensely. CAM as a career was not my passion but I kept coming after moving to Atlanta and now want to open a center there.

– Michelle Noah

Barbra Spacil shares her views with Client

I became interested in CAM to find alternative ways to help my brain-injured husband but it has helped ME more. It has helped me professionally especially on applicant interviews. It has helped with stress, health and family issues. Happy to be here.

– Barbra Spacil

GINA shared her views with Client

“FICAM has been amazing. I am so glad, and grateful I made this choice. Now I am empowered and have A NEW LIFE! And I couldn’t believe that my business has gone even smoother than usual and I’ve become even more organized. Joining the school was the best decision I have made in my entire life, like a trip to Heaven. When the first week of intensive in-house training was over I gained knowledge, deep peace, serenity and I felt ten years younger. Brian is an exceptionally great teacher and although the purpose for the school is learning,the time spent there was lots of fun. I also gained the confidence
to know that I can be anything I want to be now. I can inspire others. If this training takes me
into teaching that would be great,if not, my personal growth and getting to know my deeper self is giving me a vision of great success whatever that may be. Thankyou, thank you for seeing in me something I never thought I could be.”

– Gina

A Student and Client Shares

“My experience as a FICAM studentis really fulfilling. I am acquiring extensiveknowledge on so many things Ihave always been interested in, rangingfrom deep meditation techniques toquantum mechanics and much more.While learning the skills on how to helpothers heal, I get to apply these principleson my own life and I am alreadyseeing a formidable transformationoccur. I also get to blossom in a welcomingclassroom environment sharingmy interest with my class mates andteacher. I am happy I made the choiceto join the FICAM family.”

– S.C.

A Student and Client Shares

FICAM-family “This summer was literally a dream come true for me, and probably the most unforgettable summer of my entire life, and I have FICAM to thank for that. My husband and I just ran our first summer camp at our new capoeira studio for ten consecutive weeks. I have been teaching children for years, but never had I had the time and freedom before to really share and integrate the knowledge that I have gained over the years studying and working at FICAM and the QHC. So aside from learning martial arts, yoga, acrobatics and music and other fun activities and adventures we had planned, the kids also learned meditation, pranayam, and bioenergetics. I also incorporated several components of the Attention Dynamics program by teaching them all about connecting/disconnecting choices, doing a vision board project, and creating personal codes. I even used NLP with them to help them reach a specific personal goal of learning a new acrobatic move. Throughout the summer the kids learned how to pause, breathe and find another way to deal with situations that weren’t serving them when they found themselves going into the “wrong mind”…and believe me with a group of 20 kids of ages 4-13 hanging out together all day every day there were plenty of opportunities to practice this!!!

At the end of the summer the kids performed a Summer Showcase for their families and friends and from the reactions of the audience and the incredible heartfelt feedback we got from the parents about the positive effect of the work we have been doing, the results were clear…the summer was a huge success. It really meant the world to me to be able to be in that situation where I could really be open to pass on some of the knowledge – especially to our younger generation - that has helped me so much to be able to handle life and all its “difficulties” so well. People kept saying to me “I don’t know how you’re doing it! Running a summer camp and taking care of your infant while breastfeeding at the same time…How do you handle all that responsibility and those long days???” The answer was so simple. When you learn the tools to live from your heart and from a place of balance on all levels of consciousness, life just “happens” and everything falls into place. Instead of feeling like “work” it’s just love made manifest. I am forever grateful for Brian Sheen and FICAM for the knowledge and tools that continue to help myself, my family, and my students live the most peaceful, healthy, balanced and successful life imaginable."

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Marc Shares his views with Client

“Extraordinary things are happening to me. It is a profound change. The intensive FICAM week accelerated it, the Holotropic Breathing, the Expressive Dance, meditation -I have never let go of myself to that degree and especially with others nearby. The piano–I never really played the piano until now. It’s like being 15 years old again but now I am playing by ear every day. I can’t stop and am now playing the saxophone and it’s amazing. It is astounding me. I became so light that I am joking and laughing all the time.”

– Marc

Michael shares his views with Client

“Dear Brian… Before I joined FICAM I was contemplating back and forth ..on the fence but then I decided to take this leap of faith and so glad that I made that choice…all week long before I went to bed i felt excited to wake up the next morning and have something that felt good and right in my heart to look forward too…(this hadn’t happened to me in a while)….I just felt this sense of knowing and all I cared about was that I wanted to be there. I got so much fulfillment with all that I was learning and practicing…and all the love that was around me, not quite sure how I will put it together but something inside me ..a little voice inside me says it will beok … I also feel SOOOO eager to MASTER these techniques, and even though a little part of me is scared inside that I can’t match to the standards.. I feel I’ll find a way and will do the best I can. You have helped me so much in my life and I love to learn from you any chance I can. Even though I am not good at expressing my feelings and appreciation or know how to say it….I will try because I want you to know how deeply I am thankful for you and appreciate the help and support that you give me and for always being there for me. My heart has deep love for you and your dedication love and support only reinforce and encouraged me to want this even more. U are so brilliant with so much wisdom and I am so Glad and that You are my teacher and my friend….Thank you for you and for all the hard work to help us learn and grow… “T”

I came to your center the last week of 2009. I was a mess. I couldn't look in the mirror. My antidepressants weren't working...again. I hated life! It was pure serendipity how I arrived, but even then, in my full on fear and loathing, I found a glimmer of truth. I blindly began workshops. I began to practice meditation. I started ...over. I felt like a sponge. I, who never believed...in anything... began to see a reason for being. Finally!! Some kind of answer/ belief! And I got it!... All I want is peace!

But it's sometimes not so easy. I needed to know how to find my peace and just as important, why I lost it! And somewhere in all that was going on, I heard about FICAM...The Florida Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.... and I knew that I had found a path I wanted to follow. I had become a believer! I wanted to understand how my emotional state(s) affected me. I wanted to understand how life worked. And I also wanted (really badly) to find out why my life wasn't working! And I believed that FICAM offered me that opportunity So here it is, three months later. My life has changed! I can make note and list the changes, but it's the result that matters. I feel great and I am now without medically prescribed antidepressants! Me! Amazing! I'd go so far as to say...A Miracle! Ficam has given me focus, purpose and the scent of true freedom. This is not magic..It takes work...not the physical effort associated with "work", but the mental and emotional desire to be more than what you are now. If you're happy, fulfilled and the kind of person you'd want to be with, then this is not necessarily for you. But if you want more... then join us . If your life isn't working...come to the Center. If you feel great!...come and be with us at Center. I have found a new extended family. Like minded people who care, and nurture and believe...there really is another way

- Michael 5/29/10
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Nicole Caravella Shares the Views

Nicole The path that led me first to the Quantum Healing Center and then to register for FICAM began about 9 or 10 months ago when I realized that at 29 years old I was still experiencing the same old repetitive cycles of destructive behaviors and failed relationships. In the last 16 or so years nothing had really changed…I may have changed states, cities, schools, jobs, friends, boyfriends but I was still experiencing the same suffering, the same confusion, the same pain, the same longing for love and anything else I could get from the world to fill the void I felt inside. I was sick and tired of being in pain and hurting myself and the people I loved. I knew I had issues that needed to be dealt with and a good friend of mine told me that there is another way, that it is possible to experience life without suffering, fear and guilt and he suggested I come to some classes at the Quantum Healing Center.

At this point I was open to anything other than what I had been doing because clearly my way wasn't working. Needless to say after my first Wednesday night of Meditation and A Course in Miracles Classes I was hooked...I was just thirsting for every bit of knowledge I could squeeze out of that place. I had read some Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer but other than that it was all new to me and even though I didn't really understand everything that was going on or being talked about I knew it felt good, I felt filled with this positive energy of peace and love and I had this voice inside me that just kept telling me that this was it, this was the answer, this was what I was looking for even though I hadn't even realized I was looking.

I have always been a person of great faith and usually blind faith at that...It's always been very easy for me to trust and believe without knowing the facts or exactly why or what the scientific proof is. Right from the beginning I put my faith in the teachings at the center ... I just automatically trusted Brian and I believed everything he said even though it sounded crazy and was totally opposite of everything I have ever learned from this world. I trusted him because in my heart I felt that his only intention was to help and heal his students and I in no way believed that his man was sitting up here and flat out lying or making this stuff up. So I opened myself up to the possibility that he's right and everything the world has taught me is wrong.

I signed up for the 6 week foundation series for Meditation and A Course in Miracles and a 7 Week Deep Healing Workshop. So for the first two months that I began attending the center I was doing the Deep Healing Workshop on Monday nights for @ 3 hours and then the foundation series on Tuesday nights for @4 hours. Once those were done I started consistently coming to the Wednesday night ongoing classes and signed up for 2 more consecutive Deep Healing Workshops and I was also doing some one on one work with Brian as well. Now I'm down to just the Wednesday nights and my occasional one on ones when necessary along with my daily mediation practice and A Course in Miracles lessons.

I only wish I was able to fully express in words some of the amazing experiences I have gone through while on this path. I have had so many remarkable breakthroughs and miracles...I have healed in places I didn't even know existed. There were times during some Bioenergetics work in the Deep Healing Workshops or privately with Brian where I was literally shocked at the things that were coming out of me. I feel like I am a completely different person than I was 9 months ago and not because I have actually changed but because my ideas and beliefs about myself have changed. I just accepted so many things about myself as true and justified my actions accordingly "That's just the way I am" "This is who I am" "This is how I have been since I was little" "That's just my personality" “That’s how I was raised” and I realized that none of that is who I really am they are all just false beliefs and decisions that I made so long ago...I have traced some of them if not most of them back to about 3 years old. Basically what I am trying to say is that I was living my whole life up until 9 months ago as the person I thought I had to be or decided to be or believed I was based on the ideas, beliefs and decisions of a 3 year old little girl who had no idea how to handle or deal with all of the feelings, situations and emotions she was going through.

I really don't want to get into "my story" because it doesn't really matter but I would like to shed some light on that little girl who was ruling my life. By 3 years old my mother was divorced from my father who was a cheater and a heroin addict, she had me and my newborn little brother and we were all on welfare. I felt abandoned by my father, angry at my mother for making him leave and I felt the need to help take care of my little brother and ease my mom's pain so maybe if I could help my mom be happy then I'd get the love and attention I needed. Then my stepdad came along who I always believed to be a wonderful man until I discovered through some bioenergetics work that I was harboring deep anger and rage towards him for trying to come in and take the place of my real father and steal my mother’s attention. During one of the deep healing workshops which was focused on trances I became aware of the trances my father was living; the drugs, cheating, self-hatred, shame and guilt about his behaviors and the people he hurt and how it only led to more of the same behavior. Through an exercise Brian had me go through I quickly realized that all of the things my father did in his life that caused me to feel so much pain and suffering…well I was doing the same things and causing myself and others the same pain and suffering he had caused me. I had picked up my father’s trances and was living it without even knowing. I became the one thing I “hated” which is actually pretty common and it’s the reason why people who grow up with alcoholic parents or domestic violence end up becoming the same way and do the same things even though they hated it when they went through it. These are just a few little pieces to the puzzle so you can imagine how truly insane it is. Is there any wonder I had nothing but failed relationships, suffering, self destructive and abusive behavior, a yearning for love and to be loved and for things in the world to fulfill me and make me happy.

At the end of the day I registered for FICAM because I want to spend my days playing, I want to be able to work with people in healing workshops and in a one on one environment to help facilitate the healing and transformation that Brian has helped facilitate in my life. Brian talks a lot about the center and all of the work he does being his playground and although I like and enjoy my job I definitely don’t feel like it’s my playground and I don’t have a passion for what I do… it’s just a job. Ever since I started going to the center and listened to Brian talk this way I decided that one of my goals was to make a career change and do something that I truly love and enjoy and wake up every morning excited about. I knew that it wouldn’t entail working behind a desk and I knew it would have to be something where I was helping people in some way and working with people and not at a computer. I finally realized what this would be for me after I spent three 10 hour days at family week at my brother’s rehab in Boca. For 10 hours straight each day all of these different families from all over the country sat around and had group therapy sessions. It was like every single thing I had learned in all of the workshops and classes playing out in front of my very eyes in real situations with real people and real emotions and I found myself thinking the same things the therapists would then come out and say and I felt very qualified to be sitting there and doing what the therapists were doing. Every time we had a break I couldn’t wait to get back into the room…the hours were flying by and at the end of the day I could have gone another 4 hours, I just couldn’t get enough. When I woke up in the morning (which was even earlier than I would have to wake up for work) I couldn’t wait to jump out of bed and get back there and listen to another day of sessions. That’s when I realized that being a Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Practitioner would be my playground. This is what Brian was talking about. Once I graduate from FICAM I hope to work full time as a CAM practitioner doing healing workshops and one on one therapy sessions and maybe even work a couple days a week in a doctor’s office giving patients alternative methods of healing. I’ll finally be doing something every day that I love, that I have a passion for and that I feel in my heart I am meant to do.

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Here are some remarks from our students who just finished our first week of in-house training on becoming a complementary and alternative medicine practitioner.

“I felt an overwhelming opening of my heart with a confidence and knowingness that this is exactly where I want to be and where I’m suppose to be. I feel confident that I will learn everything I need in order to be a competent practitioner. I felt happy to come t the center six days in a row and could have stayed each night till 10 p.m. and not have been bored.

The integration & practice of the tools and knowledge we learned, having a partner, getting into the body each morning, taking necessary breaks for fresh air and stretching. The diversity in which information was relayed and then made experiential.

Each day I experienced personal growth and awareness on a powerful level. Both in terms of my awareness of my inner self but as expressed in my understanding of my feelings and emotions towards the other participants and the teacher.

The knowledge opened my awareness and set my intention towards this process.

One word WOW! A real eye opener on the possibilities of life available to me. I always thought I would be a good teacher. This week has touched my power...

I have learned a way to my peace and power.

I feel it was so essential and worthwhile for me to allow myself to pause for a week to focus on my own path to enlightenment. What a fantastic, loving group dynamic.

It has been a personally transforming experience as well as an overwhelming validation that I made the right choice in signing up. I feel as a log placed in a fire that will soon be able to go elsewhere to ignite other fires

Having us test our skills on each other in each aspect of the training was great. Partnership is a great idea....

I see a road ahead of me open to change, new possibility, to want to go and help others with my beginning of knowledge. I feel younger, powerful and energetic, fun and able. I feel as I am beginning to live.

Personally I’m more than happy to be here. Spiritually WOW! Amazing growth via meditation. I never would have thought such growth (for me) in one week.

The study guide worksheets, the partners (and switch of partners momentarily) to work with others I found great, inviting and open.

I am very happy to have started here at FICAM. I think it’s only the first quarter and I have already learned so much. The first day I was wondering how and what I was going to learn and maybe a little anxious. Then on Tuesday I relaxed, told myself “okay I’m going to just let it be and within time it’s all going to click.” And I think it will. I had a great week I found myself to be at the right place and learning things that I have been looking to learn for many years. I also got in touch with my inner self as we did the meditation."

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Yvette shares views with Client

I had had an injury about 10 days before and was not sure I would be even able to walk. We were going through a huge move, the week that school started, along with having Guest arrive. This usually would have been enough to make me stop and not persue my goal but, I intuitively knew this was it. The right school, the right classes, a brilliant teacher. Many of the books we were asked to read were books I was familiar with.

Since day one I have felt myself changing , which is amazing. I had been trained as a Grief Counselor and was still dealing with many deaths including that of my 23 year old son.
Old patterns are already slipping away and I am seeing so much about myself and making the changes that I have needed to make my whole life.

Each day is a gift, a new beginning. I wish school were everyday.,…Thanks again. Brian”

– Yvette

A Student and Client Shares

“I feel so blessed that I found FICAM. I have searched for the last few years to not only find a school that deals with the mind, body, spirit and emotions, but honors the souls path. FICAM offers everything and more. Brain, you are an amazing teacher and I feel so grateful that all of my past teachings have lead me to a place where I will be able to become a Alternative and Complementary Medicine Practitioner, within three years. I have known for sometime this is what I wanted, but could not find the school that met all my needs.. FICAM does. I had a few things going against me before signing up. I was having a difficult time with finances being an owner of 4 places in this horrible economic times.. I had been working my tail off and putting to much energy into something that was out of my control.

I had had an injury about 10 days before and was not sure I would be even able to walk. We were going through a huge move, the week that school started, along with having Guest arrive. This usually would have been enough to make me stop and not persue my goal but, I intuitively knew this was it. The right school, the right classes, a brilliant teacher. Many of the books we were asked to read were books I was familiar with.

Since day one I have felt myself changing , which is amazing. I had been trained as a Grief Counselor and was still dealing with many deaths including that of my 23 year old son. Old patterns are already slipping away and I am seeing so much about myself and making the changes that I have needed to make my whole life.

Each day is a gift, a new beginning. I wish school were everyday.,...Thanks again Brian"

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A Student and Client Shares

“My experience thus far being a FICAM student has been life changing. Being taught the tools to bring peace and empowerment into my life has been very exciting. Overcoming many obstacles, the biggest one that being Fear, I know that I have made the right decision to move forward and fulfill my life’s purpose. Thank you, Brian, for giving all of us this opportunity. I look forward to the exciting years ahead, especially the next 3!

"My experience as a FICAM student is really fulfilling. I am acquiring extensive knowledge on so many things I have always been interested in, ranging from deep meditation techniques to quantum mechanics and much more. While learning the skills on how to help others heal, I get to apply these principles on my own life and I am already seeing a formidable transformation occur. I also get to blossom in a welcoming classroom environment sharing my interests with my class mates and teacher. I am happy I made the choice to join the FICAM family."

"It's been really amazing. At first what kept me from joining the school sooner was the fear of not being able to run my business and also the choice was:school or a new fancy car? I didn't really need one but I wanted one. Boy, I am so glad, and grateful I made this choice. Now I am empowered and have A NEW LIFE! And I couldn't believe that business has gone even smoother than usual and I've become even more organized.

Joining the school for me it was the best decision I have made in my entire life,in few words I can describe my experience like a trip to Heaven. When the first week of intensive in-house training was over I gained knowledge, deep Peace, serenity and I felt ten years younger. Brian is an exceptional great teacher and all though the purpose for the school is learning, the time spent there was lots of fun.

I also gained the confidence to know that I can be anything I want to be now. I know now that I can inspire others.If this training takes me into teaching that would be great, if not,my personal growth and getting to know my deeper self is giving me a vision of great success what ever that road may be.

The other students there are fantastic people to be with,I LOVE IT. Thankyou, thank you for seeing in me something I never toughed I could be.

- Gina
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A Student and Client Shares

“Having signed up as a FICAM student has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have made. Learning more about myself – not only spirituality but emotionally as well – has opened my eyes to even see life itself differently. In the very first week of the program I reached levels of consciousness that I wouldn’t have even dreamed of. Plus having enrolled with my sister, together we have made discoveries in our family that has allowed us to understand our family structure, and we both began to heal. I have a great awareness and sensation that I am studying where I should be, and under the great plan of the Divine. Thank you, Dr. Sheen, for your great inspiration, great knowledge, and excellent teaching methodology! ”

– Angie R. –

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