Jyoti shares her views with Client

Good morning Brian,

Good morning Brian, the universe placed us together as teacher and student and I am grateful, the second week of school was fantastic. I now feel the balance between heart and mind and because of that connection I am experiencing so many little miracles on daily base. It is another huge step toward reaching the state of mind I visualize while I paint, bliss, love, beauty behind any forms. Through the school and your teaching ,I gain the awareness and the responsibility of my experiences. whoa….. That is huge…… A choice that creates a shift of wholeness, richer and healthier life………a gift I now can give with open heart to others….something I always wanted to give and didn’t know how before I joined school….. THANK YOU!

– Jyoti

A Student and Client Shares

Hi Brian,

Another amazing week…Life changing work. Every day was a gift.
With each class I now understand my story, drama and they way I have created my life.
I am forever grateful and blessed to be part of your teachings…
Love to be with everyone gaining such great knowledge.
You Rock….love, “Y”

Michael shares views with Client

“Dear Brian…Before I joined FICAM I was contemplating back and forth ..on the fence but then I decided to take this leap of faith and so glad that I made that choice…all week long before I went to bed i felt excited to wake up the next morning and have something that felt good and right in my heart to look forward too…(this hadn’t happened to me in a while)….I just felt this sense of knowing and all I cared about was that I wanted to be there. I got so much fulfillment with all that I was learning and practicing…and all the love that was around me..Not quite sure how I will put it together but something inside me ..a little voice inside me says it will be ok… I also feel SOOOO eager to MASTER these techniques, and even though a little part of me is scared inside that I can’t match to the standards.. I feel I’ll find a way and will do the best I can. You have helped me so much in my life and I love to learn from you any chance I can. Even though I am not good at expressing my feelings and appreciation or know how to say it….I will try because I want you to know how deeply I am thankful for you and appreciate the help and support that you give me and for always being there for me. My heart has deep love for you and your dedication love and support only reinforce and encouraged me to want this even more. U are so brilliant with so much wisdom and I am so Glad and that You are my teacher and my friend….Thank you for you and for all the hard work to help us learn and grow… “T”

"I came to The Quantum Healing Center the last week of 2009. I was a mess. I couldn't look in the mirror. My antidepressants weren't working...again. I hated life! It was pure serendipity how I arrived, but even then, in my full on fear and loathing, I found a glimmer of truth. I blindly began workshops. I began to practice meditation. I started ...over. I felt like a sponge. I, who never believed...in anything... began to see a reason for being. Finally!! Some kind of answer/ belief! And I got it!... All I want is peace!

But it's sometimes not so easy. I needed to know how to find my peace and just as important, why I lost it! And somewhere in all that was going on, I heard about FICAM...The Florida Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.... and I knew that I had found a path I wanted to follow. I had become a believer! I wanted to understand how my emotional state(s) affected me. I wanted to understand how life worked. And I also wanted (really badly) to find out why my life wasn't working! And I believed that FICAM offered me that opportunity

So here it is, three months later. My life has changed! I can make note and list the changes, but it's the result that matters. I feel great and I am now without medically prescribed antidepressants! Me! Amazing! I'd go so far as to say...A Miracle! Ficam has given me focus, purpose and the scent of true freedom.

This is not magic..It takes work...not the physical effort associated with "work", but the mental and emotional desire to be more than what you are now. If you're happy, fulfilled and the kind of person you'd want to be with, then this is not necessarily for you. But if you want more... then join us at The Quantum Healing Center in Delray. If your life isn't working...come to The Quantum Healing Center. If you feel great!...come and be with us at The Quantum Healing Center. I have found a new extended family. Like minded people who care, and nurture and believe...there really is another way.

Michael 5/29/10

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A Student and Client Shares

Today when I awoke, Miracles filled my head. To most, this is not an everyday occurrence. In fact to most, Miracles are a thing of stories and odd tales. They always happen to someone else…while we seem to struggle and muddle through the crises of life in the 21st century.

In December of 2009, I was literally on the floor and dying. I was saved by someone who cared. I knew that the life I had made wasn’t the life I was supposed to have. It couldn’t be….I just couldn’t believe that my life was supposed to be full of misery and pain. I wanted to be happy! I wanted to have fun! I wanted to enjoy! I wanted to love and be loved. I didn’t know how.

It's been said that when one is ready to learn a Teacher will appear to share the knowledge we seek. I didn't realize it at the time, but my first Miracle happened the day I knew I had to find another way. At The Quantum Healing Center, located in Delray Beach, I "accidentally" found that 'other way'. I went to my first meditation class that night. I attended my first Course in Miracles that night. And something happened. This was no accident. I knew, that what I was hearing carried with it the ring of truth. And with that change in my awareness, my perception of the world...shifted... And my first miracle occurred. I found a seed of hope and that maybe I could find peace...inside, where it really mattered.

Today, in August of 2010, I have Miracles every day. Me, who never smiled, lived in deep anger and fear, and was toxic to those around me, I have found Peace. I became a student. The Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. When I became a student I also became a teacher. I could be an example to others. By simply accepting another way, the path before me was illuminated. My internal darkness, the depth of my despair, the burden that I always seemed to carry, was lightened.

FICAM is my personal experiment. I have been shown a path that carries me to Peace. The knowledge I've received has allowed me to bring into my world the Miracle of Love. I do my lessons and have learned to say my prayers. My journey has barely begun...

Namaste Aug 7 2010.

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Nicole shares views with Client

Being given the opportunity to organize and run the monthly Reiki circle has been a wonderful experience for me so far. It’s so great to have a venue to be able to put into practice the healing tools I am learning through FICAM. Being able to see and hear the effects and results of this healing has been so encouraging and rewarding. As soon as we started learning about Reiki during our last in house FICAM training I was immediately drawn to it. Something moved inside me and I felt so connected to this healing therapy and just knew that I had to volunteer to run the circle. I get an immense amount of joy and a sense of blissfulness during the one on one exchange that takes place in the Reiki circle. It’s truly beautiful and it’s a perfect example that giving and receiving are one in the same.

In our study of Reiki we learned to be vessels that channel life force energy and use that energy to balance and heal others…We learned if you try to use your own personal life force energy you can become drained so it’s important to recognize that it isn’t me who is doing the healing, I’m just the vessel and life force energy is coming from the space and moving through me to heal others.

After the last Reiki circle I felt so energized, I was literally overflowing with the energy of love that I just couldn’t contain myself. It was as if I was drunk or high off the energy and love that was given and received during the Reiki circle. My fiancé actually asked what was wrong with me, wondering if I had stopped by the bar for a few glasses of wine after the circle lol! Clearly that was not the case and I just giggled at the idea and replied that I was high on Reiki energy. Needless to say I can’t wait for the next one :o) PPF (Pure Free Forever)


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A Student and Client Shares


I want to take a moment and share with you all of the changes in my life since I have joined FICAM and really start putting all of the studying and learning materials in to action. I don’t know how to begin to explain all the awareness and transformation I am experiencing but I will try. Even though some major events are happening around me like my sister being very ill , and my mother being stuck in sorrow , to working with real estate and dealing w/ many unpleasant and stressful situations that my clients are going through. Also as a single mom, I am dealing with a teenager year while to going to school and studying much of the time. Even with all of that going on in my life all at once the old me would of gone into a whirl of fears, anxiety and depression. However today I am still, peaceful and see the light. Although sometimes when I start to go to my old ways..that doesn’t last long because I just don’t tolerate it anymore. I have a choice…I know how to get back with all the tools that I am learning and practicing over and over and over again When I sometimes forget, I have Brian right there reminding me. To me that is a such a blessing because its so easy to forget and get side tracted to get caught in only worldly things that doesn’t really matter while thinking that is the answer.

Having the opportunity of holding the Reiki circle with Nicole was a huge step forward for me...It allowed me to see what it was like to sit on the other side. passing forward what I've learned. I love and sharing these gifts...You taught us in ACIM "Giving is receiving" ...I heard these words but now I feel it..I know what it means..by learning how to really give I have received so much more!

...I look back to how I used to be ,the way I used to think and how I used to feel and wow....two different people! And I am not only am I am saying it. Those who know me see it too. My whole world has open up to me and I feel alive...words cannot describe..I guess its something that one can only experience. Thank you so much!!!

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Elena shares her views with Client

“Infertility is not a fun subject in fact when you are in it it can be one of the most heartbreaking, frustrating things to deal with. Having it happen to me was one of the hardest things I’ve ever dealt with. When I wanted to get pregnant the first time I tried three times on my own then remembered Brian telling me about a couple he helped a while back. I decided to ask for his help. He told me sometimes there is a block of not letting life come through even though you’re ok and so is your husband. After a couple of months of working on issues surrounding this he at last created the opening he was looking for opening through some Bioenergetics sessions. Then, completely unexpectedly he shared with me in session a spirit was here beside me who was ready to join me in pregnancy as I was now ready. I was stunned and joyful! Two weeks later I discovered I was pregnant with my son which happened that very next day!

When it came time to baby number two that was not easy either. I met with Brian again and set my intention for another baby. With his help after a few sessions I was pregnant right away. Unfortunately I miscarried at seven weeks. I would have three more pregnancy losses before I went to see a few fertility doctors. I had one failed IVF treatment and was diagnosed with a high FSHlowamh and a chromosomal problem which put me at a 65 percent chance for miscarriages. I kept asking before I meditated and before bed at night what is preventing me from having the second child I truly want. In September while working further with Brian to find the blockage the answer came after another miscarriage. It was a repressed memory when I was 7 filled with rage. As we looked at this in session it was very painful and Brian helped me release it. He then gave me special instructions of what to do to let my bod and mind integrate this experience and four months later I found out I was pregnant. Sometimes he says it is not about a biological insufficiency which is the cause but a repressed emotional block causing constriction in the body.

If anyone is going through any kind of infertility this is a great way to make sure there are no blocks for life to flow. Like Gandhi said "Where there's love there is life."

Last week I gave birth to a beautiful 9lb 2 oz baby girl. I am so grateful and I'm loving it. I feel like I've completed what I was here to do and am enjoying it so much. I can't thank you enough for you help and am thanking the universe for all the wonderful gifts."


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A recent conversation with a new FICAM student

“I’m so tired of struggling” she said while her eyes looked sadly downward “Every day I drag myself out of bed and force myself to “think positively” as I go to work to do something I dislike. I only go because I have to pay my bills and pay off all the debt I have incurred trying to live a lifestyle that helps me forget how frustrated I am. I’m exhausted of living like this!

Yes, I admit as you have said so many times in class that I have been in denial for so long I now deny the denial! I do everything to avoid facing the truth of what I really long for. I keep myself busy and distracted as much as possible. When I come home I am stressed and tired so frustrated how nothing seems to change. So I pretend and put on a happy face so my kids and husband don’t know the misery I am experiencing. I liked to think I do a good job of masking things but as you pointed out in meditation class last week I am unconsciously projecting my self loathing of who and what I’ve become. Worse that this is I know this is why my children seem so agitated themselves. I can’t believe my husband puts up with me. When I get home I let down my social mask I am really not much fun to be around. Our sex life has gone to hell .I wouldn’t blame him if he went out and had an affair. Its been years since we had any passion in the bedroom.

Yet despite all this I have been so afraid of changing anything or to open my heart as you have suggested so many times in class over the past year since I've started attending classes and workshops. I have been so afraid of changing anything I hold on to my frustration as if I would die without it! Crazy isn't it!

At last I have finally come face to face this As this new year dawned I declared that there must be another way! Today, I am ready to make that leap of faith as the alternative of not doing something different is even more horrifying. On New Years' Eve I contemplated looking back on my life 20 years from now wondering why I let myself waste it. I grew up thinking being a mother would always fulfill me. Yet I ignored how this didn't happen for my mother and most mothers I've met. Like most of my friends I couldn't wait to leave home and start my own life. I watch in disgust as so many mothers cling to their children after they leave the house and are so attached they don't let them find their own way as they are terrified of relinquishing the only role they feel competent in. Already one of my three children has grown and left the nest and there is no way I want to live vicariously through her in the hour or so we talk on the phone each week. When I had this thought I saw my mothers face and realized that 's what I accused her of doing so many times as she failed to follow her dreams and hid in her roles as mother and wife sacrificing her heartfelt dreams in the process."

Her eyes now raised to look at me "I think that's why I am here today; to finally get started on my own life and fulfill my own dreams of helping others in a meaningful way. I know I love helping others and learning the knowledge you offer here. I feel so good when I come to class. Yes, I often forget to use what I learn a day or two later but the times I don't forget and the times I use what I learned to help others is so satisfying I long to have more of that. I would love to do that every day and not just a day or two a week.

I know what you say is true that it is only by practice, practice, practice I will develop new habits that make this knowledge seep deep within to become natural and easy to use for myself and for my family. What better thing can I do for myself then to feel good and have the knowledge to help myself and my family live the best life possible. What's better than having excellent mental and emotional health while really coming to know myself as a spiritual being and not just mouthing off words I heard or read about.

I know better than anyone else how stress and following false dreams can ruin a life and make a person sick. It happened to both my mother and my father and I see it happening all the times with my close friends. It seems the older I get the more the stress of a lifetime catches up to us and causes depression, anxiety, heart attacks, diabetes and even cancer.

I'm Sorry to talk your ear off with all this as I know you know this as you speak about it every week. I feel really fortunate to have listened to so many people who come here to change their lives around by making their path of healing and knowledge a priority and not just a hobby they do to amuse themselves. I already can feel a major shift in me since I made this decision and committed myself to doing this. Both my husband, children and friends have commented about it asking me what changed! My husband thought I was having an affair as I have been smiling so much this past week since I made this decision!" she said smiling. "I guess in a way he's right as I finally decided to love myself. I guess in a way I am a having an affair with my true self it is really orgasmic!

Now bright and vibrant she continued "Thank you so much for sharing your lifelong work and love. I feel this in every class you teach and I know I will succeed at this because of your devotion to what you do and the love you share while doing it!"

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A recent conversation with a new FICAM student

“My journey to join FICAM began just three short months ago. Finding myself at the lowest point in my life, using food as my weapon and having gained an enormous amount of weight and not daring to ever leave my house, I found myself praying for help. I was desperate that this could not be all there was left in my life.

My prayers were answered within days as the universe reached out to me with its answer. My first husband, whom I had not spoken with in decades and I believed lived thousands of miles away, turned up living minutes from my house. It had been a very painful and angry separation but I had carried him around through all the years of being apart. And now I was presented with an opportunity to renew the friendship and love I missed.

And so, the hand of my friend reached out to me. He took me to classes at the Quantum Healing Center right away, having noted that I was ready, ripe even, to learn, to grow, to heal and to find another way. Having gone on his own journey through the years, which caused his own anger and pain, he was one of the most successful students at the center. He wanted to share this love and light and knowledge that he found with me. I began attending classes with him, studying meditation, A Course In Miracles and going to Reiki Circles and transformational workshops. Along with the classes, I started doing personal sessions with Brian and I couldn't believe how fast he helped me see things in a new light and help me remove the layers and layers of pain and suffering I had been holding on to all these years.

My comfort with food had been turned upside down and now my comfort was in the new friendships, love and knowledge that I had gained and the pounds melted off. I was smiling again, just like my first husband, now my best friend was. I thought if this knowledge and these techniques are this effective I want to know them all and use them to always keep myself on track but also to help others. What better purpose could I have in my life?

And so I decided to join FICAM, to complete the circle of my learning, gain new tools and knowledge that I would always be able to use. This was my commitment to myself, to my growth, to my journey in this life. I was blissful in my decision, knowing it was exactly right and what I needed, and still walk with that feeling everyday.”

Namaste and Love,

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